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Gloucestershire’s buses in Stroud since the 1900s
Bedford OB
These delightful little buses were particularly of interest as being of non-Bristol manufacture at a time of post-rationalisation Bristol standardisation. The Bedford OB buses of Stroud each had 30 seat Duple bodies. They were ideally suited for a number of less well loaded services, such as the Nailsworth Oustations (local services radiating from Nailsworth), Kingscourts, Cranhams and Uplands services. Those buses in the 1950s to Kingscourt still operated from the GWR railway station, because the services were successor to the original GWR feeders. The first OB arrived at Stroud in 1950. In addition to 10 buses variously operated at Stroud, there were two coaches, one with 26 and the other with 29 seats. The latter was ex-Red & White in the town and it lasted from 1948 to 1954.
The last Bedford OB bus was withdrawn as late as 1962, by which time all remaining OBs had for some time been converted from Bedford petrol to Perkins diesel engines. The Bristol SU succeeded them.
With their full bonnet, classic lines and small capacity, it’s easy to see why these Bedford OBs were so well liked at Stroud Cotswold Green RED & WHITE RED BUS _____
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