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Bus to Imber rides again...

3rd September 2011...

... the Bus to Imber rides again

Here, you'll find few "record" shots of the Imberbus running day of 3rd September 2011. Rather, there follows some of the more unusual shots of the event.

On several sixties & early seventies Sundays a year, my father would take my mother and me from Stroud to Poole. Poole, so my mother could visit her brothers, sister and her own mother. Sundays, because my father worked all day Saturday. Our steed was a difficult to start, second-hand, two-tone green two door Mk I Ford Cortina 1500 Super AAD 547B.

En route, we'd make just one stop, at Warminster, for long enough to stretch legs, so to speak. That was my only contact with the town, till yesterday. And, some 40 years on, the subterranean public lavatories, the reason for our stop, were still there.

Occasionally, my parents would divert via nearby Westbury to see the famous White Horse. They'd remark that much of the adjacent Salisbury Plain was abandoned to the army, for training. I had boyishly vivid images of war, blood, heroism and exploits & achievements against an enemy I didn't know or understand. I wondered what it might be like to stray upon the forbidden land where tanks rumbled and officers barked orders between the clack of ammunition rounds.


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