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Gloucestershire’s buses in Stroud since the 1900s
2000 to 2003: the early years—6
The Running Days usually featured services to suburbs or villages without a Sunday bus service but, as this 2001 shot of 516 shows, there was (and indeed still is) a Sunday registered local bus service presence, either by Stagecoach as shown or operated by Swanbrook, Bristol Omnibus’ former adversary in the Quedegley area. Also in 2001 this former Western National/Devon General RELL was operating at Stroud. Unlike most of Bristol Omnibus’ examples and certainly all those based at Stroud, this example came with a Gardner rather than then familiar (to Stroud and BOC) Leyland engine. In 2003 was this former Stroud Leyland National. Though first manufactured in 1972, Nationals arrived late at Stroud because the camber at the exit meant that they would ground. The occasional LN from Cheltenham on the 564s were required to exit via the entrance, under supervision of an inspector. Once remedied, the reconfigured exit paved the way for the inevitable, though belated, invasion. Note the hybrid Stroud Valleys livery. Another 2003 shot, this, of a former Southern National Bristol L, at the time preserved near Stroud. It was commonplace in the 1960s bus station for buses to reverse in, owing to rear entrance buses such as this—and because the entrance & exit were the same. 2003 and this Leyland Leopard had, I assume, been recently withdrawn and passed to preservation. It was one of a handful of former coaches that found themselves down- graded to dual purpose work and largely operating from Bristol Marlborough Street. In 1983, it lost its attractive Plaxton Supreme body in favour of this more angular Paramount type.
Stroud Running Days
Cotswold Green RED & WHITE RED BUS _____
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