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Gloucestershire’s buses in Stroud since the 1900s
2000 to 2003: the early years—3
This 2001 line up of performers was caught along the multi-storey car park wall. From the left were a Leyland National 2, the Stroud RE Group's RELH, the omnipresent K6A, a Bristol L and a Bristol LHS. Only the LHS didn’t venture out that year. From 1975, Stroud had a number of similar LHs, such as the one shown here, but never a shorter LHS, of course, not one of its own, at any rate. The first standard LH bus offered rides in 2002, while in 2003 there appeared an ex-Western National LH/Plaxton Supreme 3 with the slimmer body type once popular in the south west, owing to the lanes through which buses had to negotiate. Wearing a mid-1980s Venetian blind coach livery variant, no matter your views on the qualities of the LH, you cannot fail to appreciate the charm and attractiveness of these mini-marvels. The LHs replaced the remaining Bristol MW single decks at Stroud and the 2003 Running Day was blessed with two of them. These shots recalls the time when buses were largely green and, indeed, when the bus station would see MW (or LS) single decks and FLF double decks. The use of black & white helps the illusion that there are two native Bristol RELH/ECW dual purpose vehicles caught together laying over at Minchinhampton Square. Taken at the first Running Day, it represents the period after 1972 when there was a mix of more traditional and modern NBC liveries at the same time, in this case with upper portions in either cream or white. The bus on the left is the Stroud RE Group’s 2062 while opposite is one in in red & white as used by United. It's a shame that no one was able to save & preserve an original coach-bodied Bristol Omnibus RELH/ECW in this style but with its attractive and famous Bristol dome, an extended T-shape destination indicator over the windscreen. They were the most handsome RELHs ever built. In 2001, a vehicle similar in elegance and livery to a number at Stroud, albeit with a coach rather than service bus door, saw service on the second Running Day
Stroud Running Days
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