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Gloucestershire’s buses in Stroud since the 1900s
2000 to 2003: the early years—2
When former Stroud Leyland National B-series VAE 499T turned up in 2002, it’s fair to say it wasn’t looking at its best. Note the skirt panels. It nevertheless reminds us of the original Stagecoach “Stripes” livery that in 1993, first appeared at Stroud, at the time looking both bang up-to-date yet somehow crude—certainly against the green & yellow of the time. And talking of green and yellow, here are two arrivals in 2002 in the former early Badgerline livery, perhaps one of the most successful and certainly striking post-privatisation applications to find its way onto buses in the mid-1980s. The Bristol RELL seen here ventured to Leonard Stanley on what in the 1980s had became the hourly 414 (Minchinhampton – Stroud – The Stanleys), where it is seen adjacent to the church. By contrast, this RELL is seen in the Bristol Omnibuses “OMO livery” to denote the fact that the vehicle was single crewed. Such a dual door example was unfamiliar to Stroud unless Cheltenham sent a dual- rather than single-door example on its part of the 564. This vehicle is seen at Beard’s Lane, Cainscross Road in 2000, a site familiar to generations of Downfield Schools pupils as the point at which they would begin their homeward journey after lessons. The greens, creams and whites of the 1970s and 1980s that used to line Cainscross Road at 1600 have largely long been replaced not by Stagecoach but by smaller operators’ vehicles. Another scene very redolent of the time when Merrywalks was at its busiest is this shot from the 2002 Running Day, complete with Stagecoach in the Cotswolds bus operating on service propoer on the 14 to Gloucester.
Stroud Running Days
Cotswold Green RED & WHITE RED BUS _____
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