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Gloucestershire’s buses in Stroud since the 1900s
2000 to 2003: the early years—1
Here is a selection of images from the first four Stroud Classic Running Days, from 2000 to 2003. We try to feature the diversity that has always been at Stroud and here we use photographs taken before the digital age. The location is invariably the former Merrywalks Bus Station, now lying beneath a cinema. From 2003, a scene from Merrywalks redolent of the bus station at its busiest. Indeed, even in that decade, the bus station was on occasion swarming with buses. If you imagine that all the buses above are liveried in green then you get a flavour of what Merrywalks Bus Station was like in the 1970s & early 1980s... busy with buses. Over the years, there have been VR and FLF open toppers at Stroud’s Running Days. The first year to see one was 2002, when this former Devon General made a surprise visit. With bright, warm sunshine (in spite of the threatening clouds over More Hall in the background), it goes without saying that it was popular with visitors, especially those who might not appreciate some of the more esoteric classic stock there present. This was an arrival from Morton Valance via Stonehouse. 2003 was a chance for the Stroud RE Group to show off its converted Bristol LH seen here preparing to tow a stricken Bristol VRT. Except this is a mere photographer's illusion. Both are parked up and neither is in trouble. Note the fleet name on the side of the LH. Outside the premises used by the first GWR motor buses in the Stroud area, at the Falcon in Painswick, is former Cheltenham Bristol RELL 1003. There were rare occasions throughout the 1970s when Cheltenham depot would send out a red town rather than a green country bus on its part of the 564 (Cheltenham - Painswick - Stroud - Nailsworth - Avening/Forest Green). This shot is from the 2000 Running Day. There have never been many Bristol FLFs at the Stroud Running Days which, given their prominence at Stroud on The Track and other trunk routes, was a shame. An unusual static example at the first Running Day was this tree lopper once on Stroud’s strength. Seen at Stonehouse Horsemarling Lane in 2003, in the foreground, is a former Stroud carol bus  Bristol FLF and behind the usual ex-Western National Bristol K6A. Horsemarling Lane was the last haunt of similar Ks transferred from Western National in 1950s.
Stroud Running Days
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