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Gloucestershire’s buses in Stroud since the 1900s
Flanked by Brian Ede’s beautifully restored former Western National SU and ex-Cyrmu Cenedlaethol Leyland National 2 is one of the recent Alexander Dennis Enviro 400s used on Stagecoach’s Gold 94 between Cheltenham and Gloucester. SUs would regularly appear at Cheltenham, from Stroud, on the very indirect 563 (Stroud – Cheltenham). Red Leyland Nationals were once a popular sight on Cheltenham District’s town services. The late 1980s saw the Cheltenham & Gloucester Omnibus Company refurbish a number of Leyland National 2 for continued work. Back then in the early days of deregulation & privatisation, this was as much as CGOC could then afford. Compare this to today’s Gold... A former Welsh vehicle was this RESL once of Red & White, showing the original ECW RE bus body. In the foreground is Sholto Thomas’s open top Bristol FLF, even more popular with passengers than usual, owing to the fine weather and heat. A wide angle shows off these four separate ECW body styles well, all owned by the Stroud RE Group or in the case of the third, by an associate. On the left is a dual door flat-fronted RELL6L with T-shaped destination blinds; next is an early ECW coach bodied RELH6G no. 1457 in Royal Blue livery but lettered for Southern National for private hire/excursion work; third is a Bristol LH6L; and finally a Bus Grant bodied RELH6L dual purpose no. 2062. This was the first time that either of this pair of vehicles had appeared at Stroud. Note the similarities in the ECW coach body design on, left, 2815, a rare Bristol LWL and 4267, a Bristol L. Note also the Greyhound motif on 2815. The rear overhang on both caused some problems in existing the site and, indeed, one grounded. The Stroud RE Group ensured traffic speeds were kept to an acceptable minimum in the College campus by employing this man to walk in front of buses with his red “flag”. Even so, it didn’t stop a Royal Mail lorry racing through the site, horn blasting, and down the Stratford Park link road at vastly unacceptable speeds... We spotted this Daccaro 12 parked in Stratford Park, close to the running day exit.
Stroud Running Days
Cotswold Green RED & WHITE RED BUS _____
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