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Gloucestershire’s buses in Stroud since the 1900s
2010’s slightly smaller but no less perfectly formed Running Day still managed a few surprises and firsts for Stroud. But recession and the relentless rise in diesel took their toll, with fewer entries and vehicles... and even a few available car parking spaces at Stratford Park, adjacent to the Running Day’s venue. Though entrants were fewer, the number of preserved buses really only reverted to its 2008 level, after a bumper 2009. And with slightly fewer journeys operated, buses were as packed as ever, to the point where duplicates operated, where required. This was the first major public outing in Stroud of the Stroud RE Group’s Bristol RELH6G/ECW no. 1457 project, after a period of dormancy over the last 21 years. It was seen here at Stonehouse Horsemarling Lane with Simon Smart’s sister 1472. Note on 1457 the “Southern National” fleet name in red. It was pre- 1972 Southern & Western National practice to paint its local coaches in “Royal Blue” livery but with standard fleet names. The Bristol Vintage Bus Group has replaced its blue & white Sherpa service vehicle with this former Badgerline Mercedes minibus, treating it to Tilling green and cream dual purpose livery. Smart though it is, a traditional livery sits uneasily on such a “modern” vehicle. In 2009, the RE Group used this vehicle as a shuttle between Cheapside and the College campus. A couple of vehicles grounded on exist from the running day site at Stroud College. The RE Group's Bristol RELH6l/ECW 2062 wasn't one of them, though it got pretty close. Compare it with 2073 seen at last year's event, below. Unfortunately, technical problems prevented long-standing Stroud-based 2073 attending in 2010. This immaculate ex-Morris Bros Volvo B58/Plaxton evoked memories of the post-Transport Act 1980 express service competition, when several lager or well known independents set up the short-lived British Coachways consortium. Note the livery was one of the first to ignore the body lines and moldings. Observant guests at the Running Day will have noticed a handful of veteran or vintage cars, including this attractive sports coupé.
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