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Gloucestershire’s buses in Stroud since the 1900s
One of the oldest vehicles running at Stroud in 2008 was ex-Red & White L1749, a 1949 Guy/Duple. Stroud operated the first Red & White  double deck of all and, indeed, was something of a R&W decker stronghold. A Red & White vehicle is once again seen along the Golden Valley, approaching Brimscombe Corner from the Thrupp direction. In the foreground at the Leonard Stanley terminus of the 414 is the bonnet of a brown Rover P6 car, a pony & trap complete with dogs, village sign, no. 2062, and the parish church. The Stroud RE Group's veteran RELH dual purpose 2062 was in NBC green & white, a livery once familiar in the 70s and early 80s on Stroud’s clutch of similar vehicles. 2062 spent some time in service at Stroud. Recently launched Gloucester Citizen spin-off Stroud Life featured the Running Day before the event. Both it and the Stroud News & Journal also gave reports. Here, the SNJ photographer takes a picture of Stagecoach’s former Sholto Thomas, atop his ex-Brighton & Hove Bristol FLF. There were at least two vehicles on the day with so-called “skittle alleys” on their upper deck, where there is a sunken gangway on one side, with period seating for four people abreast, something unpopular with both passengers and conductors at the time—but a means to an end in an area such as Stroud’s, where lowbridge buses were warranted. Minchinhampton is a fine setting for the vehicles on any running day. Here are two: a late ECW bodied RELH coach plus Leyland National, at the terminus. The RELH had arrived and indeed departed on the 430; the National, though expected on the 429, entered and left Minch via West End, somewhat off route. Our thanks are due to Mike Ede and the Stroud RE Group crew for organising this and each year’s successful events. Here they are—most of them at any rate. 2008’s was easily acknowledged as the one with the most vehicles on service and the most passengers by far: indeed the best all round at that time.
Stroud Running Days
Cotswold Green RED & WHITE RED BUS _____
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